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Why Are Hardwired GPS Trackers  Good For The Safety Of Your ATV?

ATVs or all-terrain vehicles are light utility motorized vehicles. They have low-pressure tires to allow for running smoothly on different terrains. They are essentially motorcycles with extra sets of wheels to provide stability in rugged landscapes. Although ATVs are commonly associated with adventure seekers who use them to explore uncharted paths, these vehicles are also used for various agriculture-related activities. 

There are usually two types of ATV owners – 

  • People who have a personal ATV for recreation, 
  • People who own a fleet of ATVs for their renting business. 

However, no matter which category of owner you fall into, getting a hardwired tracker is always the best option to ensure the safety of your valuable asset. 

Apart from the safety issue, another major problem that ATV owners face is theft. ATVs are expensive and lightweight assets. Without proper precautions, you increase your chance of losing your vehicle. So you have to choose a tracker that can stick with your ATV in its journey without fail. 

There are several types of GPS trackers available in the market – portable trackers, built-in magnet devices, plug-n-play, etc. However, the two big reasons to choose hardwired trackers are:

  • Secured installation and tamper-free
  • Vehicle diagnostic data

Like most GPS trackers, hardwired trackers do offer all the general features, including real-time location, mileage, and theft prevention. As they are directly connected to the engine of the vehicle, these hardwired GPS trackers also provide insightful data allowing for better maintenance, security, and efficiency. 

Why Do You Need GPS Tracker For Your ATV?

When we talk about GPS trackers, the first thing that comes to mind is security. For ATVs, GPS trackers, especially hardwired trackers offer a plethora of functionalities. Let us look at some of the reasons to get a GPS tracker for your ATV based on the nature of usage:

  • Adventure

If you like to use your ATV for your adventures, then you must consider buying a GPS tracker. Why?

Do you love to discover uncovered trails and paths of the forests? Well, while you enjoy the fun, you have to ensure that you do not get lost in the woods. 

A GPS tracker can help you exactly with this. You can track your original path with it and at the same time explore the forest without any tension. 

  • Research

Another important use of ATVs is research. From a scientist to archeologists, everyone uses them to commute to places where other means of transport are not feasible. 

A GPS tracker can help you to discover the site freely without any fear of getting lost. You can determine the original route or way to your camp anytime with a simple click. 

  • Agriculture

If you use your ATV for agricultural purposes, then here is a secret benefit of a GPS tracker for you.

A good telematics solution can help you to optimize your vehicle’s efficiency and monitor the fuel consumption at the same time. It can save you operational costs, boost production and improve the lifetime of the ATV. 

  • Sports

A GPS tracker can help an ATV racer to avoid unexpected breakdowns and improve their vehicle’s efficiency.

  • Rental Business

If you rent your ATV, then a GPS tracker is an unavoidable concept for you. It is not an optional but a necessity for you. 

A GPS tracker can provide your confidence as well as peace of mind. You can rent your ATV to any stranger without any fear. As you can monitor its location in real-time 24/7. 

Why Hardwired GPS Trackers Are The Best For Your ATV?

But now the main question arises, why a hardwired GPS tracker is best for your ATV?

Well, as we know that an ATV is useful for various purposes. But at the same time, people use it over rough and unlevelled surfaces. And hence, the vehicle faces constant vibrations and shock. It can harm the device. On top of that, it can even fall off during one such journey. 

Let us understand this with the help of different uses of ATVs. 

  • ATV Racers

Are you a professional ATV racer? Or like to do it once in a while with your friends? In either case, you know that the whole track is filled with numerous hurdles to make it racing. 

In such conditions, a portable GPS tracker can either fall or get damaged due to the constant ups and downs. 

Additionally, you will have to speed up to win the race. And this will increase the impact on the device, and the risk of damage will increase. 

  • Trail Riders

Trail riders often find themselves wandering in the rugged conditions of the countryside. And hence, you need a tough and durable device that can stay with you. And you don’t have to worry if it is in its place or not. 

  • Campers

Do you love to take your ATV while traveling? Well, they are a convenient way to enjoy your camping without walking and tiring yourself. You have to face different conditions of forest, moor, etc. 

An ideal partner for you in this journey would be a durable tracker that stays in its place while facing harsh conditions and helps you to avoid getting lost. 

  • Rental Business

When you operate an ATV rental business, you have to send your expensive assets out of your eyesight. What will happen if a person removes the plug & play unit and takes it with them? 

Your thousands of dollars went in the drain. But if you choose a wired tracker, the thief might need a professional to remove it. On top of that, these trackers send real-time alerts if they have been tampered. So you can take action before the situation goes out of control. 

  • Farmers 

Lastly, if you use an ATV for agricultural purposes, you know that your vehicle has to take several impacts to level the field. You cannot trust a magnetic mount to handle the pressure and hold the GPS tracker in place. 

So now that you are convinced to buy a hardwired GPS tracker for your ATV, let us reveal an excellent affordable solution to you. 

Matrack ATV Tracking Device

Matrack ATV trackers are unaffordable and easy-to-use solutions to secure your all-terrain vehicle from potential theft without disturbing your budget.

We offer three different devices for you to choose from:-

  • Regular Hardwired For ATV


  • Keep your assets safe and secure.
  • Real-time tracking
  • Coordinate and optimize operations
  • Speed and Hard Braking Alerts
  • Boundary exit/entrance alerts
  • Roadside assistance services
  • Plug and Play
  • Weatherproof Hardwired For ATV


  • Keep your vehicle safe and secure
  • Real-time tracking
  • Coordinate and optimize operations
  • Speed and Hard Braking Alerts
  • Boundary exit/entrance alerts
  • Roadside assistance services
  • Wired to your vehicle
  • Waterproof Long Battery Life Asset Tracker For ATV


  • Water & weather-proof
  • Works well in extreme conditions
  • 1-year warranty
  • Speed up asset recovery
  • Email & SMS Alerts
  • Aggressive tracking mode (in case of theft)
  • Roadside assistance
  • Dedicated 24/7 Technical Support

No matter which one you choose, all devices are weather-proof and study tracking devices. And can provide real-time location in all weather conditions. Even if your ATV gets stolen, you can switch on the address in tracking mode to retrieve it fast. 

Apart from the cost of the device, you have to pay monthly subscription fees of $12.95 per month. 

Best For Rental Businesses

If you own an ATV rental business, this is a perfect choice for you. With the help of the geofencing feature, you can assign a designated area of operations. 

And if your ATV diverges from the designated routes, you will get an immediate alert with a location update. 

Provides Useful Insights

It will also provide you insights about your vehicle, such as fuel consumption, driving status, engine status, and other similar information to help you make informed and proactive decisions. 

Secure Your ATV With Real-time 4G Connectivity

Matrack ATV trackers are study devices equipped with 4G connectivity. And hence you can know where your vehicle is 24/7. Our trackers come with waterproof magnetic cases and can withstand any harsh conditions. 

Integrated Mobile Application And Web Portal

We also have integrated mobile applications and web portals to facilitate easy access to information. 

You can download the mobile application from the Play Store or App Store for Android or iOS, respectively.

Additionally, you use our web portal to access similar information on the desktop. 

With the help of our mobile application and web portal, you can stay updated about your vehicle all the time. You can even receive updates about the driving status, battery alerts, etc. 

When you are connected to your vehicle all the time, you can enjoy your peace of mind. As you know, the device is working to protect your asset from any unfortunate event. And it will send you an alert whenever you need to take immediate action. 

Exceptional Customer Service

If you ever feel any problem with a device, you can contact our customer service. We have a dedicated team that will respond quickly and solve your queries professionally. 

If you want to test the demo version of the tracker, before you buy it, you can contact our friendly sales staff. They will arrange a meeting for you to see the demonstration of the device.