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Calculate how much you can save using Matrack's fleet, asset and trailer tracking devices.

Track The Move! Get Added Security And Save Big With Matrack GPS Trackers

Every year, about 30 million Americans relocate, of which close to 55% of people hire services of professional packers and movers. Whether they need to move into a different area in the same city, or to another state, most people look for a moving company that is reliable as well as affordable. So how does the moving company gets all the packages from one point to another on time and safely?

The answer is GPS technology. It has been in public use for over two and a half decades. However, the search for avenues for its utility is ongoing. GPS trackers can transmit real-time location, and the application of this information has proved beneficial to several industries, including the moving businesses. According to research, through the implementation of GPS tracking software, several businesses increased their profitability by up to 12 percent. But it is achieved only through a reliable and comprehensive GPS tracking solution that not only allows monitoring of your workforce but offers you data-rich insights enabling you to make necessary arrangements and streamline the business operations for enhanced productivity.

“Moving Industry generates a revenue of over $86 billion every year!”

How Matrack GPS tracking solution helps your moving business?

Matrack Incorporation is now a popular GPS tracking solutions provider in the industry with years of experience under our belt. What sets us apart is the quality of our products and services, offered at a very affordable price. Moreover, with the range of features our solution has, you will practically be saving more than you spend. If there is something you need to track, no matter how small or big, we have the right solution for you. 

For a packing and moving industry, the mobility of the workforce is the backbone of its operations. The knowledge of where your employees and vehicles form the foundation of the success of your business. An efficient time and location tracking GPS-enabled software like Matrack’s can provide moving companies with an effective system that supports delivering goods from one place to another while following strict timelines.

 “The moving industry employs 122,600 people. Their combined annual payroll comes out to around $3.6 billion.”

Moving companies undertake more than a few projects every day. Matrack tracking solution comes with the in-built GPS location monitoring feature which provides an intelligent and intuitive way of aligning the business objectives of a moving company with that of their customers. That’s why GPS and time tracking are indispensable for packing and moving company. Here is how GPS tracking amplifies the effectiveness of your business: 

  • Productivity: On an average day, a moving company handles several projects. It is therefore very crucial to know the working status of your employees and vehicles. The real-time location tracking offers you better visibility of your employees and vehicles, thereby giving you vital information on which vehicle is available for a new project and which are out on the field, making it easier to allot jobs accordingly. The app also helps in effectively keeping a tab on all the projects that you are working on simultaneously, and allows you to do prioritize. This information comes in handy, especially for small-sized moving companies that have limited resources. With the Matrack app, you can optimize the route of travel and delivery, taking into account the traffic, fuel usage, and distance to be traveled, thereby executing them efficiently. The app also notifies you of any unscheduled stops and delay in or failed deliveries. As the data is automatically recorded and cannot be altered or edited, it helps in determining accountability. As in most of these companies, employees get paid according to the number of hours worked, Matrack tracking solution app takes care of recording accurate data in the timesheets and helps you manage better.
  • Time-saving and cost-effectiveness: A comprehensive GPS solution does more than merely providing the location. It gathers pieces of important information, which if interpreted effectively can save a lot of time as well as money on various operational verticals. For example, fuel is one of the top expenses in any logistics and transport company. Matrack GPS tracking solution helps in finding the shorter and best route to your destination, records bad and unsafe driving behavior, idle time tracking, engine diagnostic, and more. All these data can be used to make informed decisions and save about 14-15 % of fuel expenses. Another advantage of a GPS solution by Matrack is having a maintenance schedule. Vehicle and engine diagnostic records determine when and which auto-part needs to be repaired or replaced, and the manager or driver gets notified of the same. Keeping your vehicles in their best form avoids unnecessary delays caused by the sudden breakdown and also saves on future repair costs.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is a huge part of ensuring the success of your business. Most people look for a moving company that can deliver their goods from one location to another without any damage, on time. Another aspect that your customers will look into is affordability. As already discussed, the implementation of a reliable GPS solution by Matrack can bring down your operational costs by 12%. With fuel and maintenance costs reduced, you can offer your services at a competitive rate. Another important feature that Matrack solution offers is the alerts and notifications for predetermined events. This allows you to share the location of the delivery vehicle and the estimated time of arrival with the customer. Keeping them in the loop and informed of the location of their assets adds to their satisfaction, and ensures positive feedback.
  • Insurance: As a moving company, you are in the business of taking care of the assets of others. You have drivers, employees, and vehicles that are also vulnerable to situations beyond your control. That’s why insurance is another top expense for moving companies. Most moving companies prefer an insurance policy that provides a complete cover for their assets, employees, their clients, and the goods they haul. However, such insurance cover comes with huge premiums. Matrack’s GPS tracking solution is recognized by several insurance providers and implementation of the same acts as an indication of your commitment towards safety. With our GPS solution, you can get a discounted insurance premium and save more.

“The average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime!”

Why choose a Matrack GPS tracking solution?

The GPS tracking solution market is huge and very competitive. Several providers offer great solutions to their customers. But what sets Matrack apart is the availability of a wide range of features at an amazingly affordable price. This is because Matrack’s vision and customer requirements are the same – the features you need at the cost you want! However, an affordable solution doesn’t mean subpar quality, especially when Matrack is involved. All our solutions – devices and software – are products of thorough research and top-notch materials. Our solutions are intelligent and intuitive, yet simple and easy to use. If you still need a little help in choosing us, here is why:

  • Reliable device: Matrack has several compact, discreet and sturdy devices like MA Asset Classic and MA-OBD Classic Plug-in that can be attached to your delivery vehicle and assets easily without needing any expert help. These devices are designed to withstand harsh conditions and function perfectly at all times. All our devices are certified and transmit accurate location. Our devices also come with rechargeable long-life batteries leaving you worry-free. We also offer solar-powered devices.
  • Compliance: Matrack also offers GPS-enabled ELD tracking devices like MA-ELD Classic that are FMCSA-approved and help you in strict adherence with DoT Hours of Service rules. The device can sense whether a commercial motor vehicle is in driving status or not; and as per FMCSA rule, the device will automatically consider the vehicle to be in moving status if the speed threshold of 5mph is crossed. Another important feature of MA-ELD Classic is that enables the digital transfer of records to DoT security official, thereby making the process efficient, effective, and tamper-free.
  • Accessibility: The Matrack app dashboard gives a quick and precise view of key parameters like mileage, idle time, speeding, and more to improve cost-efficiency and productivity. It provides detailed reports and travel logs that include information like date, time, location, engine hours, and the number of miles traveled. Faster access to these reports on the same screen makes it easier to monitor the overall performance and make changes to get improved results. We also have a voice-enabled logbook application that is a time-efficient option for the drivers and other employees.
  • Maintenance and training: For a moving company, it is vital to have their drivers and vehicles in the topmost conditions. One requires constant and in-time maintenance, while the other needs proper training. Matrack’s GPS tracking solution records mileage and engine hours, which help in creating a maintenance and training schedule. It also generates reminders for an oil change, tire inspection, or change that is sent through automated emails or messages to any device of your choice. It also records and sends alerts for pre-set events like speeding, hard braking, and other unsafe driving behavior. This data can help in creating a driver training and assessment module to ensure safe and proper driving.
  • Accident and Violations: Moving companies have several external factors that cannot be controlled by anyone. Breakdowns and accidents do not happen with any warning, nor do any thefts or damage. When the drivers are on the road, it is difficult to keep track of every activity. Our GPS tracking solution can identify an emergency and notify you of the same, assisting you in taking immediate and necessary action, potentially lowering the amount of loss. With instant action, you can minimize the damage to your vehicle, client’s assets as well as get the required medical attention for your driver.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Our devices also help in creating better routes, monitor and reduce idle time, and while tracking driving behavior. As fuel is one of the most costly and recurring expenses, and this data can be used to minimize fuel usage and increase the efficiency of entire fleet operations. The device can also be used to set an alarm for low fuel levels, and record all fuel transactions, assisting in the calculation and filing of IFTA fuel tax.
  • Geofencing: Geofencing is a location-based service that sends alerts whenever a pre-set virtual boundary around a geographical location, is entered into or exited from. It helps moving companies to assure that the vehicles follow their assigned route. This feature also allows in curbing unauthorized use of your delivery vehicle.
  • Comprehensive FMS: Our Fleet Management System caters to every need that a moving company manager or owner can have. It is all-inclusive, compliant with every applicable law, user-friendly, and completely innovative. It can be accessed by the owner, manager as well as drivers and other employees, subject to their clearance. Authorized users can filter data according to date, location and time, and even driver identification. The application helps in the calculation of taxes and helps in observing regulatory laws to avoid fines. When used effectively, the device as well as the application can eventually assist in increasing the ROI with maximum utilization of available resources.
  • Installation and Pricing:  All our devices and solutions are designed to bring the best of modern technology, at an affordable price. The device in itself is compact and can be installed in three easy steps. Once you have the device, you need to locate the OBD port beneath the dashboard on the driver’s side and connect the device to the diagnostic port. Once the device is connected and has Bluetooth connectivity, it is ready to use. You can download the software application for the device from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. All our products and services are competitively priced and come with the lowest monthly subscription. You do not need to sign any contract and discontinue our services at any time. Our products also come with a lifetime warranty.

Moving companies help in relocation and transport assets locally, domestically, or internationally. It is very competitive, and several businesses are offering better and innovative services at a reasonable cost. A comprehensive GPS tracking solution allows them to synchronize and streamline their moving trucks, other commercial vehicles, and their operational functions with the ultimate objective of improving the productivity of each move, reducing costs, providing real-time tracking, ensuring safety and security, and adhering to local, state, and national transportation guidelines. 

Matrack incorporation’s goals perfectly align with the goals of your moving company – to provide our clients with safety and security without burning a hole in their pockets. Our solution helps in simplifying the complexities of workforce management and allows efficient control over their workforce and logistics. We strive to make our technology easy to use while being the most competent and indispensable tool for you. We believe in offering our customers the solution they need, along with complete technical and expert support from our service team. Our experienced support staff is available for any queries around the clock, 365 days a year.

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