Top Reasons GPS Technology Saves Fleet Managers Money
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Top Reasons GPS Technology Saves Fleet Managers Money

Top Reasons GPS Technology Saves Fleet Managers Money

It’s 2019 and time to make the final switch from AOBRD to ELD devices. Could the GPS technology of ELD devices potentially help trucking companies save money? The answer is YES. Every year thousands of dollars are literally guzzled away in unnecessary idling, aggressive braking, speeding, poor maintenance, and costly insurance premiums. The average operating cost for the trucking industry is about $1.38 per mile and the average total yearly cost of operating a commercial truck comes to $180,000 a year. The GPS technology used with ELD devices can help slash those figures and save you money and time. Let’s take a detailed look into the benefits of using GPS technology in your fleets and how it saves you money.

Reduce Idling to Save Fuel and Maintenance Cost:

As fleet managers, with the help of GPS technology, you have full transparency into when and for how long your trucks are idling. According to the US Department of Transit, “Typically, a long-haul truck idles about 1,800 hours per year, using about 1,500 gallons of diesel. Argonne National Laboratory estimates that in the U.S., rest-period truck idling consumes up to 1 billion gallons of fuel annually at a cost of around $3 billion. Idling also accelerates engine wear and tear. Where manufacturer warranties and maintenance intervals apply to “hours operated” rather than “miles traveled,” the cost of idling is greater than just fuel.” While idling at traffic lights or heavy traffic may be unavoidable, GPS technology can help ensure drivers don’t spend unnecessary time sitting stopped with the engine running and draining away fuel and money.

Stop drivers from speeding and aggressive breaking:

Speeding and aggressive breaking can rapidly drain fuel supplies; thereby causing increased and unnecessary fuel expenses. According to a National Geographic interview with Glen Kedzie from American Trucking Association, “On average, a truck traveling at 65 mph instead of 75 mph will experience up to 27 percent improvement in fuel consumption. ‘As a rule of thumb, for every one mile per hour increase in speed, there is a corresponding 0.14 mpg penalty in fuel consumption,’ said Kedzie.” The GPS technology of ELD devices makes it possible to have a real-time view, 24/7, into the speeding and aggressive breaking habits of drivers. This allows fleet managers to correct negative driving patterns and save money on fuel and wear and tear of the vehicle; as well as promote safety for truck drivers and other motorists on the road.

Cut Insurance Costs:

The use of GPS ELD compliant devices will keep a better check on drivers and improve driver safety. Insurance premiums are currently based largely on CSA scores. ELDs are connected directly to the truck’s engine which allows carriers to monitor driver safety and identify risky behavior that could result in higher CSA scores. Also with the use of GPS technology of ELD devices you can make sure your drivers don’t exceed HOS and thereby eliminate driving violations which would cost your company higher premiums. In addition, the GPS technology of ELD devices can provide the insurance industry with additional data to consider when determining risk models. This can reduce the impact CSA scores have on insurance premiums. Lastly, using ELD compliant devices to monitor HOS and make sure your drivers don’t drive too long without proper rest will ultimately prevent accidents due to driver fatigue and save endless lives and money.

Improve Routing and Driver/Manager Communication:

GPS technology can help make sure your drivers take the most efficient routes, which will help cut fuel costs and time, thereby making your business more profitable. Everyone in the trucking industry knows that time matters when it comes to transporting freight across the country. Through using GPS technology and ELD devices you can make sure that your drivers are on the fastest route possible and avoid traffic jams. It also allows you to communicate with drivers easily and inform them of any changes in routing.

100% Driver Transparency to make sure your drivers are safe, honest, beneficial and profitable:

Managers must keep tabs on their employees for the success of any business, and there is no difference in the trucking industry. In many professions, employees work in a well-monitored environment which helps managers have a better knowledge of their employees’ behavior and accomplishments. With the freedom truck drivers have out on the road for weeks at a time, it’s crucial for fleet managers to have a way of knowing what is going on with their trucks and drivers. According to the FMCSA out of the ten states with the highest average fatal large truck and bus crashes in 2014-2016, 51% of those fatal crashes involved at least one large truck or bus. Fleet managers need to feel comfortable that drivers are safe, reliable, and honest. While this may have not been possible in the past, it is now thanks to GPS technology. Now fleet managers can have 100% driver transparency and monitor all the movements of every vehicle in their fleet 24/7 to make sure their drivers’ performance is safe, beneficial and profitable to the company.


The GPS technology is very beneficial to the trucking industry. By using this technology with ELD devices fleet managers can largely cut costs in their companies. Fuel costs can be reduced by omitting unnecessary idling, aggressive braking, and speeding. This will also save fleet managers money on unwanted repairs caused by wear and tear of the vehicles. Also through the use of GPS technology fleet managers can identify risky behavior of drivers and also closely monitor HOS so their drivers don’t receive any violations and don’t drive over time which could cause accidents due to fatigue. This will in turn greatly reduce insurance premiums for fleet managers and ensure the safety of their drivers and other motorists on the road. GPS technology can also be used to direct drivers to optimal driving routes to ensure timely delivery of freight; thereby profiting the company as a whole.

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