How To Avoid Driver Privacy Concerns With Vehicle Tracking Software
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How To Avoid Driver Privacy Concerns With Vehicle Tracking Software

How To Avoid Driver Privacy Concerns With Vehicle Tracking Software

A fleet management software or vehicle tracking software often ends up without being installed because of the rising complaints against privacy from drivers/ employees. And when as a fleet management company, you cannot track the driver’s behavior, it can entirely create a considerable challenge for the company’s future strategies and plans. But uninstalling the vehicle tracking software is not the end solution. You can talk with your employee/ driver and convince them they need driver tracking software, without affecting the privacy. And how is this possible? Well, keep reading further to know-how. 

What are the driver’s privacy concerns with vehicle tracking software?

Privacy is everyone’s right; Nobody likes their moments being tracked or known by a third party. The same is the case with a vehicle tracking software. Many fleet companies give their vehicle (truck/ van) to the employee. The problem comes here, where the employee uses the vehicle for his purposes like shopping, for lunch or tea time, etc. These data are being recorded in the fleet management tracking software. This also applies when the driver has the same company vehicle that he uses for a personal purpose outside the company time. And the privacy concerns hit severely when it’s a large trucking enterprise with a large number of people having access to employee’s data. 

How to make your drivers feel safe and convince the need for tracking software?

Even though the initial phase of convincing the drivers about vehicle tracking software is uneasy, but having open communication with the drivers’ team and letting them address their problems can create a two-way solution for both parties. Following simple steps can help the fleet managers to address the privacy concerns of a fleet tracking software: 

1. Prepare a plan 

For every action to implement, there should be a master plan that explains exactly what you want to accomplish. Make sure you create a program designed to tell what you want to achieve from fleet tracking. Before you finalize your plan, consider checking your state’s privacy laws, which can vary from state to state. Know your goals and stick to your plan accordingly. 

2. Transparency is the key 

If you are looking to implement a strategy, make sure the plan is transparent enough to make the employees feel more comfortable and easier. Also, letting the drivers know about every effect of a vehicle tracking software with results, helps them see the significance of the tracking software. Make them convince about:

  • The need for protecting the fleet
  • Protecting employees by reducing the number of accidents caused by driver fatigue 
  • Help identify the situation of drivers during an emergency crisis
  • Helping the company meet its regulatory obligations
  • Delivering better service to the customer. 

The prime focus of this conversation with the employee must be to emphasize on the driver’s safety and protection and not to track his time. Explain the company’s position on driver privacy issues and how it adheres to an employee’s privacy laws – both in practice and spirit. 

3. Develop policies 

Once you have a solid plan in hand, then it is time to put them in words. Create a new policy and guidelines that are approved by the management system. You can also document all the privacy concerns issues while formulating the plan. Create a strategy with procedures document that cover guidelines on how drivers are to treat the software and the data it generates. This includes:

  • Password security procedures
  • Access control policy to limit who can access the employee behavior data
  • Policies regarding time and day of the week that will be tracked
  • Speed policy tracking
  • Driver safety policies including driving style, use of mobile phones while driving, drinking and driving, adhering to traffic and road rules, and other substance policies. 

4. Effective Communication

No matter what type of business you are handling, it is imperative to have effective communication between the management and the workforce. Effective communication breaks down the gap between the two parties and helps in a fruitful understanding and implementation of organizational policies. Have open communication with your drivers and let them know the benefits of implementing a vehicle tracking software. Though this requires additional time and patience, and open communication can help the drivers get a clear picture of the tracking software. Let them know how important it is to protect the assets during the crisis. Describe the effectiveness of fleet management software from the driver’s perspective – regarding driver safety and security during a pandemic and any other emergency crisis. This will actively help them adapt to the implementation of GPS tracking software in the organization. 

5. Implement training 

Vehicle tracking software is more than a tool. It’s a valuable resource that helps ease the tracking job, cut costs, and improve productivity. Effective training will help the drivers become more familiar with the vehicle tracking software. They will know the basics and its functionalities. Once they are shown the software’s working and advanced services, they will cooperate with the tracking software. Make sure you deliver your promises regarding privacy. If you keep your word and commitments, you can expect full co-operation from the driver’s side. Providing proper training to the drivers will ensure that they deliver optimum results to make the most of the management system. 

6. Tracking the right things

That said, many organizations still fail to keep their promises. Instead of monitoring the fleet condition and wastage, they track the driver’s day-to-day activities. This creates a negative block between the employees and employer, resulting in disagreement in the deployment of the software and suspension of services by drivers. Trust your drivers. You need to understand that without the help of drivers, you cannot ship your fleet and conduct your business. Mutual trust and respect are crucial to carrying out fleet management easily. Making your driver feel safe and comfortable can help the employer easily install the tracking software. This also improves the general productivity and efficiency of the employees. That way, you will not have to face any issues with your employees, and you can get the best out of the fleet management software. 

The truth about fleet tracking software and employee privacy

Today the advancement in vehicle tracking software and updating to employee privacy policies allows the fleet managers to get every little information about their fleets and driver’s activities while they are on duty. With effective fleet management software, you can ensure your drivers and assets’ safety and security

The GPS tracking software not just improves productivity, but also helps the driver with optimized shortcut routes. Additionally, the fleet manager and driver can get real-time updates about the fleet’s actual condition. This enhances the work experience of both the driver and the fleet manager. Providing comfort, effectiveness, and productivity in work is the core value of fleet management software. 


  1. Reasons to choose Matrack

Reasons to choose Matrack

The GPS trackers of Matrack tracking solutions include fleet GPS trackers, asset & trailer GPS trackers, ELD solutions, and asset recovery BHPH gas tracking unit.

  • Matrack vehicle tracking software is DOT compliant. 
  • Whether you need to know where your assets are or where your driver is, the Matrack real-time GPS fleet tracking software enables the fleet managers to get updated and notified with the ongoing progress. 
  • The new and improved fleet GPS tracking software by Matrack efficiently monitors your fleet while streamlining your operations, reducing costs, and increasing revenue. For companies with fleet irrespective of any industry, no matter the size, where your destination is, the Matrack mobile asset tracking software takes control of your fleet management costs and reduces downtime and unauthorized use. 
  • If you are looking for an industry-best asset tracking device that prevents the unauthorized use of intermodal units, then the Matrack trailer tracking GPS device with 5 years of battery life is the best choice. You can set alerts for low battery which notifies you when the battery needs to be changed. With low power consumption, the Matrack trailer tracking device boosts the battery life for up to 5 years. 
  • With the Matrack GPS tracking alert system, you get notified and updated with the geofence, hard braking, hard acceleration, and low battery alerts. If needed, you can also add multiple users and configure the alert settings according to your specific needs. 
  • The Matrack GPS asset and trailer trackers provide driver safety reports to see which driver needs additional training for good driving behavior. 
  • When it comes to mileage and fuel consumption, the Matrack vehicle tracking device. The software provides state mileage and fuel usage reports. You can also get free IFTA reports with zero additional costs. 

These were some of the useful tips that help address the driver’s privacy concerns with vehicle tracking software. More and more use of advanced technology has also increased the number of privacy attacks on people. To eliminate such adverse effects in your organization, invest in a secure and legally compliant fleet management software. And when coming to a reliable and most trusted vehicle tracking software, then the Matrack’s GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions are the best recommended. 

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