Ensuring The Safety Of Your Car Rental Fleet

Ensuring The Safety Of Your Car Rental Fleet

As a car rental service provider, the safety of your vehicle, the client and your driver becomes your responsibility. Whether you offer chauffeur driven cars or self –driving rental facility, it is important that you ensure that the vehicle is properly maintained, the client and driver understand the safety protocol and insurance requirement, and are experienced drivers.

Here are a few tips to ensure the safety of your fleet:

Fleet management system offers various analytical reports and vehicle diagnostics that can help car rental services to optimize their operations, maximize profit, and also ensure complete customer satisfaction. At Matrack Incorporation, we understand the requirements of car rental service providers and have designed fleet track devices, to suit their needs.

One such device is MA-HW Classic . It is considered to be the best in the industry by several light-duty fleet owners. It is compact, discreet and tamper-free – so you can be completely sure that the reports it generates are accurate. It gives real-time location alerts, driver safety reports, and engine and ignition status. Once integrated with our Dispatch application, the entire system will help you streamline the allocation of vehicles, optimizing routes, safety alerts, and roadside assistance.

Matrack has been providing FMS products and services to fleet owners for many years, and are known for our dependent and round the clock service. To know more, give us a call or contact us. We will be happy to get you started on maximizing your profits through our excellent fleet management system.

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