Ensuring The Safety Of Your Car Rental Fleet
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Ensuring The Safety Of Your Car Rental Fleet

Ensuring The Safety Of Your Car Rental Fleet

As a car rental service provider, the safety of your vehicle, the client and your driver becomes your responsibility. Whether you offer chauffeur driven cars or self –driving rental facility, it is important that you ensure that the vehicle is properly maintained, the client and driver understand the safety protocol and insurance requirement, and are experienced drivers.

Here are a few tips to ensure the safety of your fleet:

  • Maintenance: A well-maintained car can enhance the driving experience, and also elongate the life of the vehicle. If you have several cars in your fleet, it would be a good idea to invest in a fleet management system (FMS). The FMS will help you in keeping a track of engine status, coolant temperature, and other repair related data, and assist you in scheduling maintenance periodically.
  • Location: Knowing where your car is at all times has various advantages. It allows you to identify the cars that you can allot to your customers. When it’s on the road, you know where your car (and driver) is at. Having a fleet track device installed in your car will ensure that it is on the allotted route. Also, in case of a safety emergency, you can send immediate help, based on the location. With real-time GPS location, recovery of your vehicle, if stolen or hijacked, also becomes easier.
  • Client information: For self-driving rental fleet, it is vital that you have complete information about your client and their destination. Make sure that they are eligible to drive, and offer them a vehicle model that they have better experience in driving. The more comfortable they are in their car, the better the driving experience, and client satisfaction.
  • Client education: Even though your client is a seasoned driver, they are probably new in the area, and often do not have information on the geography of the area. Before handing them the keys to your rental car, go through with safety protocols and some driving tips. Also, if you do have any new updates of their route, condition of the roads, any maintenance work, or possible change in weather, share it with them to prepare them for the journey ahead. Also, discuss with them the protocols in case the vehicle breaks down or they misplace the key. In short, cover all basics.
  • Driver training: If you provide chauffeur driven cars, always hire experienced and trained drivers. Train them about roadside vehicle maintenance and safety tips. If you do have a fleet management system, provide proper training to your drivers about its functionality and uses, and compliance. Make sure that they follow the allotted route, take proper rests, and inform beforehand if there is any diversion or change in route. Most FMS offer reports of unsafe driving like hard braking or speeding. This data can help you alert the driver and avoid dangerous situations.
  • Insurance: All the vehicles in your fleet must be insured. Also, opt for insurance that gives full coverage for the driver as well as the passengers.

Fleet management system offers various analytical reports and vehicle diagnostics that can help car rental services to optimize their operations, maximize profit, and also ensure complete customer satisfaction. At Matrack Incorporation, we understand the requirements of car rental service providers and have designed fleet track devices, to suit their needs.

One such device is MA-HW Classic . It is considered to be the best in the industry by several light-duty fleet owners. It is compact, discreet and tamper-free – so you can be completely sure that the reports it generates are accurate. It gives real-time location alerts, driver safety reports, and engine and ignition status. Once integrated with our Dispatch application, the entire system will help you streamline the allocation of vehicles, optimizing routes, safety alerts, and roadside assistance.

Matrack has been providing FMS products and services to fleet owners for many years, and are known for our dependent and round the clock service. To know more, give us a call or contact us. We will be happy to get you started on maximizing your profits through our excellent fleet management system.

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