Our Guarantee to Dealerships:


  • If your customer's stolen car isn't recovered, we'll refund the entire cost of the tracker to the customer directly!
  • We'll let you use the trackers for FREE lot inventory antitheft until you sell them to customers!

From Trackers
Your Customers Will Love

2 Profit Channels for

3 Ways to Profit from Each Tracker


Added Profit Now at Sale

Add $300-$800 profit when customers buy trackers with a car


Added Profit Later from Services

Add $2-3K more profit when trackers drive customers back for all servicing opportunities


Preventing Vehicle Theft Pre-Sale

Instantly install trackers in vehicles
and use them for antitheft until they sell

Dealers add $3k profit/car on both Sales and Servicing
  • Immediate added profit on vehicle sales ($300-$800/sale)
  • Long-term added profit from more service visits: Customer’s tracking app displays dealership logo and dealer promotions/coupons, and messages customer to return for prompt servicing
  • Dealers get alerts when customer’s maintenance/repairs are due and can message customer via tracking app
Buyers get smart tracking they’ll love, with motion-sensing portable trackers
  • Motion-Sensing notifies of unexpected vehicle movements, and then increases tracking to closely follow vehicle
  • Instant Transferability Between Vehicles: just place effortlessly under the seat to monitor a teen’s evening, a spouse’s trip, etc.
  • Notifies your customer when scheduled maintenance is due
Device Highlights
motion sensing

Advanced Motion Sensing

The most advanced Motion-Sensing Anti-Theft / Vehicle-Monitoring Tracker! Up to 10 years of battery life. Installs instantly and transfers effortlessly between vehicles!

Sizeable Immediate Earnings

Adds as much as $800 more profit to a vehicle sale as an attractive aftermarket add-on.

realtime tracking
instant service

Instant Service Alerts

Instantly send service reminders to customers for oil changes, etc., and display discount coupons on their user platform, to add $3000+ profit from increased vehicle service visits over 2-3 years

Private Labelling

Private label the platform to include your dealership logo. Direct to customer advertising at no additional cost.

private labelling

Cutting-Edge Technology For Vehicle Monitoring


Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can someone assist with my gps tracker for my trailer?
Usually within 10 minutes, someone in our 24/7 tech support will respond to any help request or inquery

can i use gps for trailer to locate my lost or stolen trailers?
Absolutely! and these trackers can even alert you as soon as your trailer moves unexpectedly. and then automatically start aggressively tracking to closely monitor your trailer's movements

Is there a warranty for the devices?
Yes, the device come with a one-year warranty

Do i have to pay a monthly fee?
we do not require long-term contracts, so customers pay monthly and can cancel anytime. However, we can also quote discounted pricing if you wish to pay upfront for 1-5 years of service

are there any hidden fees or charges?
No. None

How long does the battery last?
The battery on the wireless tracker lasts for over five years with two locations updates a day. Using more frequent location updates will reduce battery life, accordingly

can i see demo of the gps trailer tracker before i buy it?
Yes, we can give you an online demonstration and we can even send a free sample tracker to fleet customers considering purchasing more than one device

does the gps tracker provide state mileage and fuel tax reports?
Our ELD, Hardwire and OBD provide state mileage reports. The wireless traker does not, however because wireless trackers in the trackng industry do not update frequently enough to track mileage