Boost Effective Communication With Matrack Fleet Management Solution
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Boost Effective Communication With Matrack Fleet Management Solution
AndrewMarch 18, 2022Fleet Tracking

Boost Effective Communication With Matrack Fleet Management Solution

Have you ever felt a deceleration in the productivity of your fleet due to poor communication? Well, you are not alone. According to research, around 86% of employers and employees experience communication breakdowns. It is vital to proactively tackle and manage effective communication within the fleet for enhanced efficiency.

With the Matrack Fleet management solution, you are on top of things. You have deep insights into all your fleet operations and can plan for contingencies – including communication disruptions.   

What Are Communication Breakdowns?

Communication is a soft skill and is one of the most important and in-demand skills in a corporation. It can either break or make an organization.

But it is not a one-way game. Instead, it is a two-way street, which means that both employee and employer are equally responsible for communication breakthroughs and breakdowns. However, as a fleet owner/manager, the responsibility to provide proper and efficient channels to convey a message successfully falls on you. And Matrack fleet management solution can help you with that.

Communication breakdown is a failure to exchange information between different levels of an organization. For a fleet business, communication is more than delivering a message – the message needs to be deciphered, and conveyed at the right time. Delays in getting the instructions through can result in business losses. 

Moreover, the fleet industry consists of several movable assets like vehicles, and drivers. And thus, it becomes a stressful job to maintain a continuous communication channel. 

For example, you have assigned driver A to deliver specific cargo to city X. But suddenly, the client requests to change the delivery address. Due to a lack of communication, you cannot reach the driver. And unfortunately, driver A shipped it to the initial address.   

Now, no matter the kind of business you have, customer satisfaction is vital for growth. Happy client means recurring business. But misinterpreted messages between you and your employee can lead to losing a good client and disrupt your reputation in the market.

Additionally, correcting the fault will lead to fuel wastage and time consumption. And as a fleet manager, you are required to foresee these situations and proactively plan to overcome them.

Common Causes of Communication Breakdowns

Someone wise has said that to find a solution for the problem, you need to understand the root cause. Let’s find out common causes of communication breakdowns in a fleet:

Connectivity Issue

Drivers are always on the road. Their workplace consists of rough terrain and uncontrollable weather, which could lead to unreliable cellular connectivity. And it can result in delays in the exchange of information and give rise to communication gaps. 

Such gaps are harmful to your brand value and customer satisfaction. For example, if you are managing a logistic business, and the drivers are on the road. Suddenly one of your customers wants to know the exact delivery time. 

If you try to reach the driver via mobile phone and they are in place with bad network conditions, you will not be able to contact them. In such a scenario, you can only provide a guesstimate of timings to them, but that is not good for you and your business. You can solve this problem by using the Matrack fleet management system as it provides you real-time GPS tracker and a two-way messaging option. 

Change In Routes

In the same scenario of the customer requesting you to postpone or change the initial delivery address, you will be in a difficult position. You will have to wait for the connections to be re-establish. And then, you can update the details to the driver. 

There is not only in this situation where you can expect a change in routes. You have to alter the way if there is a landslide or heavy traffic in a predetermined track.  

Inaccurate Information

Another significant cause for communication breakdown is inaccurate information. Often, people tend to write down a piece of information and then verbally communicate it. However, when it comes to a business, this manual method is not feasible and reliable, and can lead to confusion. In fleet business, it is important to convey the correct information to the right person at the precise time. And that is why a fleet solution like the one from Matrack is needed. With the help of these solutions, a fleet manager can record numerous data, and accurately and timely convey it to related parties. 

Ambiguous Details 

In a fleet, there are different drivers. The numbers may vary from 10 to 20 and sometimes even more. Without proper technology or tools, it becomes impossible for the fleet manager to track information about all. 

For example, you are a fleet manager and have to manage more than twenty drivers simultaneously. They all have specific working hours, and you have to allocate tasks accordingly. Keeping track of all this information and informing them about any change in the schedule would mean contacting them individually. Although not impossible, it would only make your job tedious. 

However, we have an excellent solution to address all communication-related problems. 

Matrack Fleet Management Solution- Best Way To Improve Fleet Communication

Matrack fleet management software is an affordable yet effective management system. You can rely on this one to maximize your fleet’s productivity by organizing, scheduling, and allocating jobs.  

What Do You Get? 

  • One Device: Matrack OBD-$85/ MA Hardwired Classic-$50/MA Hardwired Silver-$135
  • An ELD
  • No contract- Pay as you go
  • Lowest monthly subscription fees
  • Lifetime warranty

Benefits Of Matrack Solution 

Communication between a fleet manager and drivers is crucial for the fleet’s productivity. And you can tackle every problem with the help of the Matrack fleet management system. Let’s explore what will the software impart to your fleet:

  • Boost Efficiency

One of the prime roles of a fleet manager is to boost efficiency by making optimum use of the resources. By employing Matrack fleet management software, you can streamline different jobs. You can create detailed and custom reports to implement data into work.

Additionally, you can check the working hours of your drivers on a single dashboard and assign work accordingly. And hence, you won’t have to call your driver individually to check their availability. So you can save time and diverge your focus on profit-generating activity. 

  • Vehicle Maintenance

Another significant advantage of Matrack fleet management software is vehicle maintenance. Our software can help you keep an eye on every vehicle in your fleet. With the help of it, you can detect minor fault codes. And solve them before they become big. It also reduces the chances of unexpected breakdowns leading to late deliveries.  

  • Reduce Communication Gaps

Matrack offers lightning-fast 4G connectivity, and hence, helps you to reach your drivers fast. You can stay connected to your drivers with the help of fleet management software. And your drivers can remain updated with the information with the mobile applications. 

So if you have to change the predetermined route owing any reason, you can update the information, and your drivers will get a notification. 

  • Real-time GPS Tracking

Matrack fleet management software can also help you monitor your vehicles in real-time. You can stay 24/7 updated about the location of the trucks. Additionally, your drivers can stick to the route and complete their work on time. 

On top of that, if your driver meets an unfortunate incident, you can send help quickly and send the vehicle nearby for assistance. 

And if your customer requests to know the exact time of the delivery, you can share accurate information to improve customer satisfaction. 

  • Better Compliance With Rules

With the help of Matrack fleet management software, you and your drivers can remain in compliance with the prevailing rules and regulations of the US government. How? Let us talk about it one by one:

  • With the help of Matrack fleet management software, you can log drivers working hours electronically. Hence, you can assign jobs accordingly. And also ensure the safety of drivers.
  • You can transfer data to law enforcement officers with minimal effort. And hence can save your fleet from ELD violations
  • Another advantage of Matrack fleet management software is automated IFTA reports. Your drivers can enter the required information such as distance covered, fuel purchased, etc. And you can use this information to generate an IFTA report.

Monitor Driving Behavior

Matrack fleet management software can help you to monitor driving behaviors. Since drivers are working remotely, you cannot observe their driving skills. If your driver is engaged in any reckless driving activity, you and your fleet can face serious consequences.

The fleet management software generates detailed reports. You can refer to these reports to take a clear picture of their driving behavior. If you identify any of your drivers engaging in such activities, you can reach them individually. Sometimes they need consultation or proper training to correct it. 

In A Nutshell

Managing a fleet is not a cakewalk business. Apart from professional skills and patience, you need the right technology. Fleet management systems can help you take care of all monotonous work and provide you time to contribute to revenue generation. 

Matrack fleet management software is an affordable and effective system that you can rely on for your fleet’s efficiency. For more information, visit the website now.

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