HOS And Discontentment In Trucking Industry
Emma PaulineMay 27, 2019ELD

HOS And Discontentment In Trucking Industry

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, under the United States Department of Transport, regulates the hours of service for interstate commercial motor carriers. The rules for commercial commodity transport carriers are as follows

The HOS rules have been laid down by the DOT mainly for safety reasons. Most accidents involving trucks have one major cause – driver fatigue. The HOS rules make it mandatory for truck drivers to take a much-needed break, rest up and get back on the road. These rules not only ensure that drivers are safe and have a better work environment, but also ensure the safety of other drivers and passengers on the road.

Since the rules were implemented, motor carrier companies, and especially truck drivers have been critical of them. Here are a few reasons why HOS is not well-received by truckers and their companies.

With ELD mandate, the recording of HOS and any violations are automatic, accurate and tamper-free. The drivers have to comply with HOS as well as ELD restrictions in order to avoid strict fines and penalties. The trucking industry is urging DOT to grant some leniency in HOS rules so that drivers can be benefited. As FMCSA has set a final deadline for ELD implementation, it is also looking into possible positive changes in the HOS. Until then, fleet managers and drivers will have to simply plan their route smartly, and make the most of the driving time.

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