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FAQs on GPS Vehicle Tracking Product

Please visit to buy our products. You will receive an email from us when you purchase our device, with your login information

You will receive your order within 5 business days

30 day return policy, covers complete refund for the device within 30 days, not damaged through water or handling

epends in the device. Portable does not require any installation in the vehicle. Just place it in an optimal position where it can get access to satellite like for e.g. – under the passenger seat, dashboard etc, Glove compartment for example is a bad position. For OBD simply plug in to the OBD port of the vehicle. Hardwired device can be installed by simply following the manual instructions.

Using the device cannot affect the vehicle warranty in any way.

Using the device can help with the insurance as we can monitor hard braking patterns and keep an eye on the Driver’s Score Reports.

Portable device can last upto 2 weeks for one hour drive time per day on a basic plan.

For a portable device – Red is power, blue is satellite connection and Green is cellular connection.


For OBD & Hardwired – Green is power and Blue is Cell connection

Please call us at tel:+1 (855) 658 7225 for support. You may email us 24/7 to for support

Someone will be there to assist you round the clock through email and during regular business hours PST on the phone.

If it is a portable device and a new one, please power cycle it by turning it off and then turn it on and take it for a 10 minute drive. For a new OBD please unplug the device and plug it all the way through and start the ignition. For Hardwired, please check if the Red wire is connected to power, white to ignition and black to ground.   If it is an existing device please email us at with details of the issue with your device.

For the Basic plan, the device updates once every minute. We have plans that will increase the update intervals. Please call us today for more options.

Once you purchase a device from us, you will receive all the information you require via email on how to get started

In the tracking platform please go to Report Generation / Travel Log Report to view your logs for a date range you have chosen.