Fleet Procedures To Minimize COVID 19 Contagions

Fleet Procedures To Minimize COVID 19 Contagions

Key Takeaways

With our heroes on the forefront, safeguarding us from famine and discomfort brought about by the scarcity of daily essentials, it is imperative to take compulsory measures that discourage the spread of Corona virus among truck drivers to wholesalers and the end customer there by.

Breaking the chain of the COVID-19 contagion can indeed be done with a myriad of preventive measures. Moreover, it is the right of every truck driver, cleaner or fleet instructor to be provided with a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or any serious physical harm. This is backed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) General Duty clause. For most truck drivers, their truck is their place of employment.

It is the responsibility of every fleet manager to ensure that the fleet he leads is not contributing to the spread of the deadly COVID-19 in any way. COVID-19 is generally spread through personal contact or contact with surfaces touched by an infected person. However, with proper preventive measures, this contagion sure can be contained.

Matrack has taken an initiative to pen down all the measures our customers can take to prevent self-infection as well as spreading the infection ahead.


Social Distancing


 Use of Disposables

Fueling the Fleet

Educate Your Fleet

Drivers in your fleet could access latest information on Corona virus here

If an Employee Tests Corona virus Positive

Local Restrictions

Customer Interaction and Vehicle Usage

After a Travel

In order to protect your fleet from the dire consequences of COVID-19, it is extremely crucial that as fleet manager or owner, you commit to the safety of your fleet at any cost. Proper measures are to be implemented for protection against Corona virus and for the same. Fleet authorities can learn about Corona virus related employer and employee information here

“Together we can stop the spread of COVID-19. Stay safe, stay protected.”  Says Cam Smith – Matrack VP

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