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Drone Delivery

Did you place an online order? Well, don’t be surprised if your items are one day delivered by a flying drone right to your doorstep! That’s right, you read correctly, this is not science fiction. Thanks to new advancements in technology, drones like Amazon’s drone model, are able to travel at 50 miles per hour, transporting packages that weigh up to 5lbs straight to your door in 30 minutes or less! Amazon named their new delivery option as “Prime Air,” and predicts that these drones could cut the delivery cost to less than $1 per package. Amazon is currently building and testing its drones in the United States as well as several international countries such as the United Kingdom, Austria, France, and Israel. Amazon’s first drone delivery was completed back in 2016 in Cambridge, London. The delivery drones use GPS systems to navigate and Amazon says they are working to ensure safety through an air traffic management system to map out each individual drone’s flight path. While the technology for drone delivery is already available, due to federal regulations, it still could be quite some time before we actually see drones flying down our street making deliveries. However, if permission is in fact granted for the use of these drones, drone delivery could be a beneficial solution for the ever growing issue of increased consumerism and decreased truck drivers in America. It also could help save fuel, time and money for both produces and consumers. Amazon is not the only company that is experimenting with drones. Companies like Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc, UPS, and even Domino’s pizza are also devising drone models and testing them. So watch out for the flying pizzas and don’t forget to order extra cheese!

Click here to watch Amazon’s first Prime Air delivery back in 2016.