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Continental Carriers
Achieves 100% Driver Transparency with Matrack

Organisation Background

Continental Carriers is a logistic company based in Fresno, California. It is a medium sized trucking company, dealing with clients all over the country. Its Fleet Manager, Mr. Prem Sodhi had decided to engage assistance from Matrack Incorporations for electronic Logging Device solution.

Challenges faced by Continental Carriers before opting For Matrack’s ELD:

As a traditional logistic company, Continental Carriers did most of their fleet management operations on paper. And with FMCSA rolling out the ELD mandate, it became crucial for the organisation to adapt to modern technology. Here are some of the challenges this logistic company was trying to overcome:

Most records were kept in paper, making it tedious and time-consuming to find relevant information and file required reports with the authorities. Filing for taxes, insurance, quarterly state reports and all calculations pertaining to these reports had to be done manually.

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As the drivers were also required to maintain their driving records, mileage, fuel usage, driving hours, and more, in paper logs, the data thus recorded was not completely authentic and error-free. The data was also required to be maintained in several copies so that it could be furnished to the safety inspector, whenever required.

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Like every other logistic company, the drivers at Continental Carriers also travelled across state borders, which means calculation of fuel tax had to be done manually.

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For a fleet manager, it was difficult to know the exact time a commercial motor vehicle spent idling, or at the loading/unloading docks, or if the driver had not deviated for the prearranged travel route.

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When FMCSA rolled out the ELD mandate, many carriers and trucking companies were worried that the drivers in their fleet and other employees might find it difficult to adapt to modern technology as it could be complicated for them to understand and operate.

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How Continental Carriers benefited from Matrack Inc.’s FMS

The fleet manager Mr. Prem Sodhi thought this to be an opportunity to completely revamp and modernize his operations to make his fleet more efficient and productive. He searched the ELD market for a solution that could make his job easier, while maintaining the authenticity of information, as well was easier for his staff to get accustomed to. After looking for what best suited his requirements, he finally chose Matrack Incorporation ELD solution for the following reasons:

All Matrack ELD hardware are approved by FMCSA and strictly comply with Department of transports regulations regarding Hours of Service. Our devices record accurate data for on and off duty hours, thereby avoiding any violation of HoS.

As all data is recorded automatically by our ELD devices, and the device itself is tamper-free, the authenticity of such information is intact and error-free.

Matrack ELD solution is a two-fold process. The data is recorded by the hardware device, while such data is collected and analysed by our smart fleet management software. As per the requirement of the user, the system can generate important reports, including calculation of IFTA tax, in a timely manner.

Matrack ELDs are exceptionally simple to install, and can be done without any expert help. Our hardware and the software system is designed to work seamlessly and is user-friendly. As most of the data is recorded automatically, driver, staff, or fleet manager need to only input minimal instructions, making Matrack’s ELDs the simplest device to operate. There is no need for expert training in handling our devices and software.

Our FMS can be easily downloaded on any device, through which any authorised person can access information of location, mileage, drivers on duty, and much more.

We also have one of the most proactive service staff to assist our clients in every way we can. Our customer support team is available 24 hours throughout the year.

How Matrack has benefitted Continental Carriers?

Since switching from paper logs to Matrack ELD and fleet management system, Continental Carriers have been able to streamline their business operations, create fuel efficient routes, and minimised their expenses on fines and taxes. Here is how our ELD and software has benefitted them:
The fleet manager is now able to keep a real-time track on the location of all their vehicles, ensuring that the drivers follow the predetermined route. Through this facility, the fleet manager has also been able to notify their clients of estimated arrival time of their cargo.
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Our fleet management system provides real-time information about engine diagnostics, fuel consumption and waste management, and also monitoring of engine coolant temperature and battery level. This has helped the organization in arranging for maintenance of vehicles in due time, and avoid any major expenses in future.
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Another significant feature of our ELD solutions is that the FMS can monitor the usage of fuel, and thus eliminate the chances of any fraud or discrepancy. The data related to fuel is recorded automatically, and in most cases cannot be edited by unauthorized person.
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Our FMS helps in streamlining the entire operation of the fleet, from identifying idle vehicles, to easier allocation, establishing a route, keeping clients updated, generating important reports, as well as compliance with various rules and regulations. It also assists in optimal utilization of assets and better improves cost efficiency. The fleet manager now has a plethora of data based on which they have been able to maximise their profits with already available resources.
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The association between Continental Carriers LLC and Matrack Incorporation has been very successful. Mr. Prem Sodhi has nothing, but only good things to say about our products and service.

How Continental Carriers Benefited with
Matrack smartELD?

“Everone likes (Matrack) devices.
They area easy to use.”

Rui Ariosa

Rui Ariosa is the fleet manager for Skyway Trucking, a medium sized transport trucking company based in Ontario, Canada.

Less Time on Paper-Work

Matrack devices facilitate report filing with ease in a timely manner. Information that would have taken long tedious hours to calculate manually is instantaneously provided through the Matrack App. That means precious time saved for Prem. “Every quarterly, when I have to do my state report, I can quickly access the information from my (Matrack) app. (For example) How many miles I went in each state, I can quickly access (it) and don’t have to calculate it myself.”
-Prem Sodhi

The Ripple Effect

Helping spread the joy and ease of using Matrack products to others.Prem was so satisfied with Matracks products that he showed the devices to his friends. Result? Not just one, but 10 of his friends are also now benefitting from Matrack products!“I was looking for an ELD device and I called (Matrack) to find out more and that’s how I started. I got the device, and my friends liked them so I ordered 10 more for them. Everyone likes the devices, which is why I ordered 10 more! I am more happy with it.”
—Prem Sodhi

User Friendly

“The mandate to change from paper logs to electronic logs left many drivers wondering if things would be initially more complicated. Also, drivers worried about having to learn how to use new devices. With Matrack, the change was smooth and easy. “I was coming from paper log to ELD and now I like it. Everyone likes the (Matrack) devices. They are easy to use”
—Prem Sodhi

ELD and HOS Compliance

“Matrack devices easily track when drivers are on or off duty and provide an instantaneous view into driver’s total hours to make sure that that there are no violations in exceeded hours of service. “When the law was changed, where you had to have an ELD in your truck when traveling to different states, I was looking for an ELD device. I called (Matrack) to find out more and that’s how I started. I like that the devices have options to change “off duty” “on duty” etc. (to track the HOS).”
Prem Sodhia

Customer Satisfaction

“Matrack makes sure customers are satisfied and get the best service and products available in the market. “My experience is good. That’s my experience with Matrack… I will stay with you guys”
Prem Sodhia

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