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Optimize the Utilization of your Trailers

With Sophisticated Analytics and Reporting.

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Features Benefits

Location reporting in the US, Canada.

Monitor the status and location of trailers and containers in near real time.

Integrated with Matrack’s services suite

Increase asset and cargo security.

Configurable reporting, including automated alerts.

Increase driver prooductivity.

Star/end trip of reporting.

Reduce fuel expenses.

Over-the-air firmware updates.

Monitor unauthorized use of trailers.

Geofencing Capabilities

Optimize trailer utilization and trailer pool inventory.

Trailer mileage reporting.

Support proper maintenance schedule for Trailers with provided mileage records.

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Cost-Effective Solution to Track your Trailers


Eliminate yard hunts, optimize yard & dock operations, reduce dwell time, and simplify inventory management.


Identify underutilized trailers and grow your business without making new trailer investments.


Create real-time alerts to detect and monitor unauthorized use, doors opening, and cargo being unloaded.


Have a permanent record, in the cloud, of asset usage patterns for future analysis, investigations, and other historical data needs

Affordable GPS Tracking Solutions for Fleets & Equipments

Real-Time Monitoring

Our trailer management software delivers real time data, giving you full fleet visibility 24/7 and from any location.

Driver Workflow

Maximize driver workflow, productivity, and customer satisfaction with a robust service suite.

Fleet Dispatch

Our Dispatch Manager helps increase productivity by organizing deliveries, streamlining delivery scheduling, and reduce fuel expenses with our route optimization service.

Gain Security & Assurance

Be kept updated anytime your trailers are disconnected from your tractors. Set up push notifications for speeding, idling, delivery status, etc.

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