Tetra Ski-Helping The Disabled To Ski

Tetra Ski-Helping The Disabled To Ski

How can a disabled person ski? What was previously thought impossible has become possible thanks to the hard efforts of the University of Utah Health and Modern Technology. Jeffery Rosenbluth M.D. and the University of Utah Health have come out with the Tetra Ski, enabling people with minimum arm function to direct their ski chair down the slopes with the use of a joystick. For those with no arm function at all, they can direct their ski chair by blowing and sucking on a tube placed inside their mouth. Many disabled people are already starting to benefit from the Tetra Ski.

The following is just one of the many inspirational stories of those benefited by the Tetra Ski. Derek Sundquist was an experienced skier, spending his days on the slopes of the Alta Ski Area in Utah. Unfortunately, one day due to a serious fall, he was left paralyzed from the neck down. Now thanks to the Tetra Ski, he has hit the slopes again and is feeling the joy and thrill of doing what he always loved best. Disabled veterans of our country are also joining in on the fun in the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic in Utah. During the Sports Clinic, they also have a chance to try out the Tetra Ski, helping them gain self-confidence and allowing them to experience the freedom and joy of cruising down the snowy slopes.

Click here to watch the heartwarming video of Derek Sundquist back on the slopes again.

Click here to see an inspirational video of the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic in action.

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