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  • Speed and Hard Braking alerts
  • Boundary exit/entrance alerts
  • Roadside assistance services
  • Keep your assets safe and secure
  • Real time tracking
  • Coordinate and optimize operations

The Hardwired GPS tracking device sets the standard for vehicle monitoring and fleet management. With its compact design, direct battery connection, and expansive feature package, this real time tracker can be covertly wired in the vehicle.

The Hardwired GPS tracking device sets the standard for vehicle monitoring and fleet management. With its compact design, direct battery connection, and expansive feature package, this real time tracker can be covertly wired in the vehicle.

  • GPS Specification: Receiver: 50 channel, Receiver Sensitivity: -161 dBm, Accuracy: +/- 2.5m CEP, Cold Start: <33 sec (@ 45 dB C/N), Hot Start: < 1 sec (@ 45 dB C/N)
  • Power Specifications: D.C Power 10-16 VDC
  • Physical Connection: Power and input/output: 14 pin Micro Fit Connector
  • Mechanical: Case Material: ABS plastic, Dimensions: 2.0" X 1.8" X 1", Operating Temperature: -30°C to +70°C, Storage Temperature: -30°C to +70°C
  • Certifications: PTCRB, FCC, Verizon
Step 1

Power on the unit. The blue status LED will blink at the rate of once every second within 1 to 2 minutes. This indicates that the device has an available connection with the cellular network.

Step 2

Final installation should be done only after both the blue and green LEDs blink at the rate of once every second.

Do not install the device under the hood. We recommend to install at the top most part right under the dashboard.

$12.95/month per tracker

We offer 1 year warranty


You will receive your order within 5 business days

Please call us at tel:+1 (855) 658 7225 for support. We are available by phone Monday-Friday, 9-5 Pacific Time. You may email us 24/7 at support.gps@matrackinc.com for support.

Subscription & Billing

30 day return policy, covers complete refund for the device within 30 days, not damaged through water or handling.

For the Basic plan, the device updates once every minute. We have plans that will increase the update intervals. Please call us today for more options.

Please contact us at support.gps@matrackinc.com and we will be happy to help.

Please contact us at support.gps@matrackinc.com and we will be happy to help.

Accounts & Users

Please visit our product pages to buy our products. You will receive an email from us when you purchase our device, with your login information

Click here to activate your device:

Once you purchase a device from us, you will receive all the information you require via email on how to get started.

Please email us at support.gps@matrackinc.com and we can help with this process, or if you still have your password but want to change it, please log in at matrackinc.com/login and you can change it under settings.


Depends in the device. Portable does not require any installation in the vehicle. Just place it in an optimal position where it can get access to the satellites (e.g.under the passenger seat, dashboard etc) The device may have trouble accessing the satellites in the glove compartment. For OBD simply plug in to the OBD port of the vehicle. Hardwired device can be installed by simply following the manual instructions.

Using the device cannot affect the vehicle warranty in any way.

Using the device can help with the insurance as we can monitor hard braking patterns and keep an eye on the Driver's Score Reports.

Portable device can last upto 2 weeks for one hour drive time per day on a basic plan.

For a portable device Red is power, blue is satellite connection and Green is cellular connection.
For OBD & Hardwired Green is power and Blue is Cell connection

Nearly all vehciles made after 1996 have an OBD port. The port isusually somewhere below the steering wheel.

If it is a portable device and a new one, please power cycle it by turning it off and then turn it on and take it for a 10 minute drive. For a new OBD please unplug the device and plug it all the way through and start the ignition. For Hardwired, please check if the Red wire is connected to power, white to ignition and black to ground. If it is an existing device please email us at support.gps@matrackinc.com with details of the issue with your device.


In the tracking platform please go to Report Generation / Travel Log Report to view your logs for a date range you have chosen.

The data will be stored for a year. You can access that info on your account.

It's true. We offer a large range of reports for you to look at. The Travel Log Report is the most in depth report you can review on your account. It will contain all the travel data and display it in an easy to read table.


  • Streamlined Fleet Management
  • Integrate fleet maintenance software with your asset management systems to track and analyze increasingly complex driver and vehicle data. By streamlining fleet maintenance processes, preventative maintenance, routine inspections and repairs won't slip through the cracks saving the company money while helping ensure safety on the road.

  • Real time tracking
  • Real-time tracking of commercial vehicles requires precision data collection, consistent power to the device, and a real-time monitoring platform with advanced reporting capabilities. Matrack' hardwired devices and robust tracking platform empower you to do just that, with ease and consistency.

  • Geofencing
  • Create zones with boundary lines that will trigger alerts when crossed. You'll know when your tracker has entered or exited the zones you create.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Our trailer tracking system easy-to-use software is the industry best solution for securing your small and large assets. Need any help? We are just a phone call or email away, 24/7.

  • Real-time Alerts
  • Matrack GPS trackers for vehicles and equipment provide real time alerts for you to quickly and easily locate any vehicle or asset while it is on the road or at a job site. Be notified by SMS or email for instant speed, geofence,hard braking, hard acceleration and low battery alerts. Add multiple users and configure alerts according to your specific needs.

  • Detect and Monitor Unauthorized Vehicle Use
  • Evaluate vehicle drive history and speeding reports to see which vehicles are being improperly driven. Customizable reports to suit needs of any industry or application. Detect out of office hour usage and prevent unauthorized use of company vehicles. Use driver safety reports to see which drivers need additional training for good driving behavior.

  • State Mileage & IFTA Reports
  • Provides state mileage reports and also fuel usage report. Free IFTA reports for your fleet at no additional cost. Seamless integration with your tax filing needs. Optional integration with fuel card , please contact us for further information.

  • Driver Safety Reports
  • Hard braking, unchecked acceleration and high speeds can spell disaster for your fleet and drivers. Driver safety reports keep you ahead of the game, allowing you to make informed decisions about your fleet. Know when your vehicles are hitting their peak and which of your drivers aren't hitting the mark.

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