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Boat Trackers

Boat Trackers



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Regular hardwired for Boat

An excellent means for tracking any vehicle. It is completely integrated with the On Board Diagnostics system so you can stay on top of Vehicle Health/Performance issues.

Just plug it into your vehicle’s OBD port (located in all vehicles built after 1996). The MA-OBD Classic is our standard plugin OBD2 device. This piece of hardware plugs directly into the computer of your vehicle, allowing you to analyze precise de...
$85.00 $0.00
($14.95/mo. each)

Weatherproof hardwired for Boat

A discreet, tamper resistant device specialized for Fleets and Transport Services.

The MA Hardwired Classic GPS tracking device sets the standard for vehicle monitoring and fleet management. With its compact design, direct battery connection, and expansive feature package, this real time tracker can be covertly wired in the vehicle.
$50.00 $0.00
($14.95/mo. each)

Weatherproof Long Battery Life Asset Tracker for Boat

Our weather-proof Hardwired Tracker is a sophisticated and convenient tool for making sure your property is safe.

This tracker is ideal for preventing unauthorized use of a variety of assets, including construction equipment, vintage autos, boats, RVs and detachable trailers. It can survive refrigeration, blistering heat, or even a blizzard. This isn’t a typic...
$135.00 $0.00
($14.95/mo. each)