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As the improvement in technology in the field of logistics and transportation have touched the sky, one of the many sectors that have benefited is the school bus service. For parents as well as schools, the security of the kids is of topmost importance. Fleet management system, or more importantly the GPS feature of this system can be used proactively to ensure the safety of the children.

Student Safety:

Parents always want the best for their kids and want their kids to be safe all the time. While selecting a school, they would definitely prefer one that offers real-time GPS location tracking of kids, while traveling in the bus. The information can also be used by school administration in several ways – for monitoring of delays, arrival, and departure of the bus, information on drivers, and more.

Monitoring Driving:

FMS provides relevant data on driving behavior. They keep a record and send alerts of speeding, hard braking, irresponsible driving, unwarranted stops, and detour. With the help of this data, better training modules for drivers and safety protocols for kids can be formulated. Also, an ignition status is also recorded with real-time alerts, unauthorized use of bus can be easily detected and prevented.

Bus Schedule:

The software, as a part of FMS, can send out alerts to parents about the arrival and departure of the bus. Through the help of Geo Fencing, parents will know the exact time of arrival of the bus, therefore avoiding waiting time for both – the parents as well as the bus. It may seem like a few seconds of time being saved, but when you take into consideration the number of kids, and the number of school days, the amount of time saved in hours is astonishing.


Most school drivers work on an hourly basis. As discussed above, FMS can help in reducing the downtime, and prove to be profitable. Most FMS also generate reports on vehicle health, based on which the school bus fleet can be regularly maintained, repaired and serviced. This further reduces the chances of any huge repair costs in the future. With GPS data, better routes can be planned to save on fuel costs.

At Matrack, we believe that children are our future, and in a safe environment, their budding minds thrive and they can create miracles. We have various vehicle and fleet tracking devices, and also a brilliantly designed user-friendly interface that makes up our excellent Fleet Management System.

MA-HW Silver is small in size, easy to install, discreet piece of logistic device that helps in recording accurate and authentic data. It is tamper-proof, hence reliable. As school buses run around the year, our device is weatherproof and can handle any tough situation. You can access records going back up to one year. It also manages its own battery, which makes it a low-maintenance device.

Some of the features of MA-HW Silver are:

  • Provides roadside assistance
  • Engine and ignition status
  • Geo-Fence
  • Multi-user Access
  • Integrated with Dispatch

Matrack’s Dispatch is one stop solution for all fleet management needs. It offers 24/7 uninterrupted and quick customer service, and a variety of other fleet management services. If you are looking to make your school bus service safer and efficient, contact us. We are well known in the telematics and fleet management industry for our experience, work ethics, and customer satisfaction.

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