Effects Of COVID 19 On The Trucking Industry

Effects Of COVID 19 On The Trucking Industry

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When the pandemic hit, no one raised their hopes on the luxury airlines or means to satisfy a fancy living. Instead everyone banked on the trucking industry for transportation and deliveries of their daily essentials and basic needs. A big shout-out to all you fleet owners and truck drivers, this is how important you are!

The pandemic has imposed an array of restrictions across the United States. However, there is no way you can bring the transport industry to a halt. Be it transport of goods or people (for essential purposes), the fleet industry of transportation holds remarkable importance even in the novel Corona virus situation.

The trucking industry is a link between the goods and consumers. If it was not for transport, there is no way the goods would ever reach the end consumer. While the Novel Corona virus has managed a pause in every second sector of the U.S economy, the trucking sector is more or less untouched. After all the negative effects brought about by COVID 19, the trucking industry still remains blessed with a few positives amid the pandemic.

Here’s what’s happening in the trucking industry since the pandemic hit the U.S;

The Positives of the Pandemic on the Trucking Industry

Amid the crisis, there are ample truck stops that have taken extra measures to serve truck drivers as they transport good across the country. However, it is important that our front line heroes take appropriate safety measures keep themselves from contracting Corona virus and stopping the spread of the virus too.

The Temporary Negatives of COVID 19 on the Trucking Industry

Although COVID 19 has brought about a positive outcome in the trucking industry, the negative impact cannot be overlooked. There are plenty of drawbacks that the crisis has cast not only over the United States but also globally. Enlisted below are factors that contribute to slowing the trucking industry.

The negatives brought about by the pandemic is however temporary. The decline in demand is sure to last only until the lockdown lifted.

A Business Opportunity for Truck Fleets

The pandemic has made it evident that the trucking sector is invincible to a crisis as they form the core of the supply chain. This industry was also once rendered recession-proof. What better than a recession proof sector can make good business? Truck fleet owners would agree!

While almost every other sector has come to rest, the trucking industry has been on a constant run hauling goods like basic essentials, medical equipment, groceries, staples, livestock, precursor raw materials and more. Most fleets have therefore had their businesses running amid the pandemic. This is indeed a big plus for fleet companies.

Albeit the pandemic, as the trucking industry keeps the show running, statistics have estimated 25,000 to 40,000 new truck drivers from taking to the roads in near future.

Predictions also state that a surge in the need for drivers would surface once the pandemic settles and restaurants open up.

As COVID 19 made new students enrol for truck driving license, it sure must have had wise businessmen consider spreading their roots in to the truck fleet sector for transportation. A fleet business would nevertheless be a wise move.

Matrack for Fleets

Matrack takes pride in providing unblemished service gps tracking trucking services to our fleet heroes in the time of crises. It is obvious that our customers are facing the harsh brunt that COVID 19 has thrown their way but also commendable at how they have emerged with utmost bravery on the front line to serve the nation during this tough situation.

Corona virus has affected the trucking industry majorly both negatively and positively. Most companies now are faced with hampered csa trucking company scores. However, the pandemic has also rendered as an opportunity for fleets to emerge as a trending business to meet the current and future demand in the U.S. Owning a trucking company could sure be an option now.

If you are considering a fleet setup, Matrack can assist you in setting up your fleet business with ELDs, gps tracking for trucking and more.

Matrack is more than happy to provide full assistance to its customers and will leave no stone unturned while providing unprecedented service amid this crisis. By choosing us you’ve undoubtedly chosen the best and we will deliver on our word.” Says Cam Smith, VP at Matrackinc

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