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Crosby Anderson Freight achieves 100% customer satisfaction with Matrack ELD


“Matrack is a very helpful company for the trucking business with great customer service.”–Percy Cro, Fleet Manager, Crosby Anderson Freight

Percy Cro is the Fleet Manager for a medium sized Trucking company, Crosby Anderson Freight, in Charlotte, North Carolina

What are the immediate benefits Crosby Anderson Freight company in using Matrack Inc. products and services?

    • Easy to install- Installation was simple and quick
    • User-friendly App—Straight forward and easy to use app allowing you to track the history of the driver’s route, speed and more
    • Fuel efficiency improved with the drivers monitored for speeding. Speeding, idling, and aggressive breaking can all be seen in real time.
    • The app helped with vehicle maintenance by tracking miles, driver speed and keeping an eye on the daily driver hours of driving.
    • Track History Feature – Helps keep track of events from the past and when communication with driver is lost. We can check to see the idling hours, location, route, etc. and stay informed.

“I think for us, it’s very helpful to see the tracking history. For example, if I want to know what happened since yesterday, I can see what the driver did, how long he drove, and at what speed, etc. It’s useful information in case we cannot communicate. We can call immediately to say, ‘my driver arrived at this time and waited five hours, etc.’”—Percy

    • No violations with the help of the App and Customer Support!

“The expenses are less because we have information on the trucks. We can follow the drivers and comply with HOS instructions; which means fewer problems with the DOT to run our business.”—Percy

What are the long term benefits Crosby Anderson Freight company sees in using Matrack Inc. products and services?

    • Cost effective – very affordable price for excellent products and service.
    • Customer Service 100% satisfaction – this is important as we know we will get help in a timely fashion.

When asked if satisfied with Matrack’s customer service Percy said, “100%! We always have very good feedback. They always answer, and we get what we need.”

  • HOS compliant and up to date with the FMSCA requirements to help trucking companies comply with ongoing changes and regulations.

What inspired Crosby Anderson Freight to choose Matrack?

  • HOS compliance
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to work with and helpful

“Mainly, I wanted to move to the HOS system. I saw the features and HOS possibilities before the ELD regulations, so I decided to move and try. Everything was a very good support. It was teamwork. I am happy. It’s a very helpful company for the trucking business with great customer service.”

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