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JBD LLC Benefits With Matrack Logs


Organisation Background

JBD LLC is a medium-sized trucking company located in Georgia. JBD LLC has been in the trucking industry for over 15 years, with clients scattered all over the country. Being a traditional trucking company, they followed paper logs, until FMCSA introduced the ELD mandate. Sam Jubidu, the fleet manager for JBD LLC realised that he had to act fast and change the business process with an adept electronic logging system that also helped him with Hours of Service compliance and tracking the location of his vehicles. With these requirements in mind, and the approaching deadline for ELD mandate, Mr. Jubidu reached out to Matrack Incorporation for their comprehensive products and services.

Challenges faced by JBD LLC before opting for Matrack’s ELD:
JBD LLC worked on the traditional way of trucking and maintained paper logs, which we now know are not always a 100% correct and authentic. Mr. Jubidu, in light of the recent FMCSA changes brought by the ELD mandate, wanted to shift to automatic record of driving hours and other relevant information. He also was facing other challenges in the fleet operations:

  • Location: As the company caters to clients all over the country, the drivers are required to travel long distances for several days in a week. Without proper GPS, it was difficult for Mr. Jubidu to keep a track of all his vehicles correctly. He had to rely on verbal communication that he received from drivers. Also, if any vehicle or driver needed any kind of help, it was impossible for the fleet manager to provide any kind of assistance without have correct information of their actual location.
  • Tedious Paper logs: Traditional trucking companies and drivers maintained all their information and travel records on paper, in several copies. This was a time consuming process; it was also difficult to physically keep them for many years. As the records were manually entered, the information could possibly be incorrect or easily tampered with. Filing for quarterly taxes and other reports also became a tedious job for the fleet manager, who had to personally go through all the information, written on paper, do required calculations and file the reports, by hand.
  • HoS Compliance: When FMCSA introduced the ELD mandate, it became pertinent for all trucking companies to opt for approved ELD so that they could comply with hours of service rules as laid down by DoT. Companies who used paper logs were required to move to automatic recording of information though electronic logging devices. FMCSA made it mandatory, and failure to comply would mean severe fines.
  • Accurate data: Paper logs have always been prone to errors and miscalculations. It also took up a lot of driver’s driving time. The paper logs are manual records, fleet managers could not always trust them and there was zero-transparency in the process. Wrong paper logs would also mean wrong filing of reports, and often result in huge fines. Moreover, during inspection, it was hard for drivers to share the logs with the security officer.

Why JBD LLC chose Matrack’s ELD solution:
Once the ELD mandate was out, the fleet manager at JBD LLC, Sam Jubidu also took upon the task of finding an electronic logging device and fleet management system that would make his job much more efficient and productive. He searched for an ELD provider that also helped him in tracking the location of his vehicles all the time, while also being easy to use. In search for an uncomplicated yet the right solution, Mr. Jubidu came across Matrack Incorporation, and chose to work with us for the following reasons:

  • Compliance: Matrack devices are in compliance with the ELD mandate and are approved by FMCSA. They automatically record the relevant data as required under Hours of Service rules by DoT. If a trucking company fails to implement ELDs in all their vehicles, it could mean severe fines and penalties, which can be avoided by FMCSA-approved Matrack ELDs.
  • Implementation: Matrack has designed it ELD and FMS in a way that they are the best in the world of technology, and yet very simple to use. Fleet managers and drivers do not need special skill set or expert training to install the device as well as the software. Moreover, the software can be easily downloaded on any Android and iOS of choice from their respective app stores.
  • Location tracking: All ELDs by Matrack have inbuilt GPS that are durable, weather-resistant, reliable and come with Bluetooth function that makes it easier to keep a constant contact. As most truck drivers are required to travel long routes, having a good and dependable GPS allows them to reach their destination in time, without delays of any kind. Also, in case they need help, they can easily let the fleet manager know their location for faster response.
  • Driving time: Matrack ELDs can also track the total number of driving hours, mileage, idle time and more. This helps the fleet manager in identifying the amount of time a vehicle is actually sitting idle, probably at a client’s loading/unloading dock, and can use this information to create a route that is more efficient and uses driver’s driving time optimally.
  • Alerts and notification: Fleet managers can set alerts and notifications for certain events like bad driving behaviour, fuel consumption, failure of vehicle equipment, GeoFence, accidents, thefts, emergency and more, and get these notifications on the device of their choice. This helps the fleet managers in multi-tasking as using their time more effectively.
  • Service: Matrack has one of the best after sales support staff in the fleet management industry, and has expert and experienced staff. We can be reached for any kind of assistance 24/7 all-round the year, and our staff will give you the most effective resolution for your query. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, and are grateful for all the successful relationships with our clients.
  • Pricing: Matrack offers its clients the best of cutting-edge modern and smart technology at a really affordable price. Even though our prices are very competitive in the industry, we never compromise with the quality of our products and services.

How Matrack Incorporation has benefitted JBD LLC?
Since shifting to ELDs by Matrack, Sam Jubidu has been completely happy with our union. His fleet is now compliant with all prevalent rules, and his business has improved with all the added advantages that our ELDs brought to him. Here are some of the benefits that JBD LLC has had since implementing Matrack’s ELD solution:
Sam Jubidu can now clearly see the exact location of all his vehicles at a single screen using Matrack’s user-friendly interface. Through this facility, he can now keep a track of his vehicles, and ensure that the drivers are following the pre-planned route. It also allows him in sending immediate help to any driver, in case of emergencies.
HoS Compliance:
As the ELD can automatically record driving data, Mr. Jubidu finds the information to be reliable, and allows for easier compliance with Hours of Service rules.
JBJ LLC can now save a lot of time earlier spent in recording data and creating reports, as Matrack ELD and FMS can automatically generate reports for taxes and other documentation. Through the ELD, they can also schedule maintenance of vehicles and driver training, as and when required. The trucking process at JBJ LLC has become more streamlined and organised, which has helped them improve their overall productivity and profitability.
Ease of Use:
The fleet manager, as well as all other staff at JBJ LLC, find Matrack ELD solution to be extremely easy and a perfect assistance for their job. They like the smart solution that automatically does most of the paperwork, with minimal instructions, and the drivers can focus on their job of driving. Digitally sharing inspection reports with security officers has also become easier, and more accurate.
Matrack Incorporation always strives to offer our clients with a solution that benefits them, and contribute towards improving their overall business process. With all the features of or smart devices and platforms, Mr. Sam Jubidu is delighted to have an intelligent virtual assistant in form of our ELD solution.

Here is how Sam Jubidu thinks about our association:

“I was reading when the mandate was given to make the change from paperwork. That’s when I found Matrack on the internet. I use it for logging. Matrack helps us with HOS compliance”—Sam Jubidu

“Matrack automatic logs are much easier to use than paper logs” – Sam Jubidu

The equipment is very simple and easy to use! “Matrack (is what) helps us save time on paperwork.”
“The feature that I like the most about Matrack is being able to see the location of the vehicle”—Sam Jubidu

Sam Jubidu

JBD LLC based in Georgia has worked in the transport trucking industry for the last 13 years. When the mandate was given to make the switch from paper logs to electronic logs, Fleet Manager Sam Jubidu knew he had to find a solution; and the solution was Matrack.

What are the short and long term benefits Sam sees in using Matrack Inc. products and services?

  • HOS compliance with electronics logs
    Making the switch from paper logs to electronic logs was a landmark event in the career of all truckers. HOS compliance for trucking companies is crucial to keep both those on the road safe and also to prevent large fines or even potential shut downs.

    “I was reading when the mandate was given to make the change from paperwork. That’s when I found Matrack on the internet. I use it for logging. Matrack helps us with HOS compliance”—Sam Jubidu

  • Easy to use
    Technology should be used to make life easier and more secure. That’s why the Matrack App was designed to make the switch from paper logs to electronic logging fast and easy.When asked, “Is it easier to view driver logs while using Matrack’s app compared to paper logs?”
    Sam replied, “Matrack logs vs paper logs—Yes, much easier!”
  • User-Friendly
    Simplicity and user friendliness are key elements when implementing new systems. Our customers have found our devices to be straight forward and easy to use, yet effective and adaptable to their needs.When asked to describe Matrack in one sentence, Sam replied, “The equipment is very simple and easy to use!”
  • Time efficiency
    Recording HOS manually was time-consuming and tedious. By using electronic logging with Matrack, precious time can be saved, helping fleet managers like Sam to be more efficient in their work.Sam, who has used other brands before says, “ Matrack (is what) helps us save time on paperwork.”
  • Driver transparency
    It’s important for fleet managers to be able to know what is happening with their drivers and be able to track their routes in real time. Paper logs were prone to errors, miscalculations or even tampering. With Matrack’s Tracking App you will get 100% driver transparency with HOS, geofencing, aggressive braking, and speeding alerts and you will be able to follow the vehicle in real time.”The feature that I like the most about Matrack is being able to see the location of the vehicle”—Sam Jubidu

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