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Golden State Express is ELD
Compliant with Matrack

Organisation Background

Continental Carriers is a logistic company based in Fresno, California. It is a medium-sized trucking company, dealing with clients all over the country. Its Fleet Manager, Mr. Prem Sodhi had decided to engage assistance from Matrack Incorporations for the electronic Logging Device solution.

Challenges faced before opting for Matrack’s ELD:

The fleet manager for Golden State Express, JT, wanted to ensure that his vehicles and drivers are safe and compliant with prevalent laws while traveling to various cities, counties, and even states. His most important requirement from an ELD was to be able to track the location of his vehicles, as well as follow all the rules applicable under FMCSA and DoT. JT was looking for an ELD solution to help him overcome the following challenges:

The drivers at Golden State Express were required to travel a distance of over 3000 miles, three times a week. This required a GPS system that was dependable and showed accurate route so that the drivers could reach their destination without any delay as Golden State Express mostly caters to transportation of produce. While he was thinking about a better GPS system, he also looked for one that could help him keep a track of his vehicles in real time, so that if any of the vehicle or driver needed any kind of help, it could be readily provided.

As FMCSA has introduced the ELD Mandate, JT also wanted a device that would be compliant with the mandate rules. He wanted to make a shift from his ABORDs to ELD compliant GPS device. A comprehensive ELD solution that automatically recorded Hours of Service, and helped in avoidance of unnecessary fines due to violations, while also recording real time location of the vehicles was what Golden State Express needed.

A lot of time from any driver’s permitted hours of driving for a particular day is often spent waiting at loading and unloading docks, thereby cutting short the allowed number of hours a driver can actually drive. In such scenarios, it is important that idle or wait time is accurately recorded so that the driver can work properly for the rest of the hours. A correct account of number of driving hours and mileage help in accurate calculation of quarterly taxes, which also was challenging for JT as he could not depend on the data manually recorded by the drivers.

While looking for a comprehensive solution for all the fleet management issues as well as better operational efficiency, JT could not let the budget go overboard. He wanted a solution that was custom built for his needs, and value for money. He did not want a solution whose price would be more than the benefits to his trucking business.

Why Golden State Express choose Matrack’s ELD solution:

The Fleet manager for Golden State Express, JT, had successfully identified the challenges in his current operations and his requirements. Keeping those in mind, he wanted an all-inclusive ELD solution that not only helped in tracking and recording correct and authentic information, but also helped in improving the overall functionality of his fleet. When it came to ELD compliant GPS device and fleet management system, JT researched the market well, and finally chose to work with Matrack Incorporation for the following reasons:

All Matrack devices are completely compliant with FMCSA, DoT and ELD mandate. The GPS supported Electronic Logging Devices are approved by FMCSA, as well. Thus by choosing Matrack’s ELD, Golden State Express fulfils one of the basic demands of the ELD mandate, and avoid violation of its rules.

As soon as FMCSA declared their rules under the ELD mandate, many fleet management and trucking companies were involved in a race against time in successful implementation of the mandate. Matrack ELD solutions comprise of a hardware device and a software system, and both are designed to be extremely simple to install and use.
Matrack GPS (ELD enabled) devices are compact in size, durable, easy to connect, and come with Bluetooth features to ensure continuous and regular connectivity. Location data is recorded in real-time, helping drivers and fleet managers in keeping a track of their vehicles, cargo, and more.
Matrack’s devices including ELDs come with an intelligent and smart fleet management system which assists in recording historical data and easy retrieval of it, creating alerts and notification for various events such as maintenance, driver training, GeoFence, driving behavior (speeding, hard breaking, so on) and more.
One of the biggest reasons that FMCSA brought the ELD mandate was to guarantee the safety of drivers and avoid them from working unnecessarily long hours. As paper logs were manually recorded by the drivers, it was difficult to actually calculate the correct driving hours. Through Matrack ELD, a fleet manager can also get a true idea of how much time a vehicle has spent idling at a clients’ docks and the actual driving time.

Matrack Incorporation has one of the best service staff in the entire industry. Our service executives are experienced and trained, and can provide required solution for the clients in record amount of time. We pride ourselves on the fulfilling relationship we have with our clients, and are available for any kind of queries throughout the year, 24/7. Whether it is a technical or any other issues, our service staff is always ready to resolve it, and get you back in your business.

JT chose Matrack devices as we offered him with cutting-edge technology at a very competitive price, which was a perfect fit for Golden State Express’s requirements.

How Matrack Incorporation has benefited Golden State Express?

With the help of Matrack’s ELD solution, JT, the fleet manager for Golden State Express has been able to completely resolve all his earlier issues, fast-track his business process, and use the best of available resources to improve profitability. Here are some of the benefits and improvements that Golden State Express has identified in their operations since implementing Matrack’s ELD solution:
JT can now easily track the location of his vehicles and drivers through GPS enabled Matrack ELD, and can ensure that they are following the predetermined route to deliver the goods on time. As they usually transport produce, our device has helped them in keeping up with their delivery time and satisfying their clients with their services.
Cinque Terre
The fleet manager now has all authentic and un-tampered information on driving hours, mileage and fuel consumption, that has helped him in correct filling for taxes and other documentation, thereby avoiding any violations.
Cinque Terre

Knowing how much time a vehicle is going to take in loading or unloading the cargo helped the company in creating better routes that were efficient as well as time saving, while also using the best of driver’s allowed working hours. They are now able to plan ahead and adjust routes and times to make the best use of their resources.

Cinque Terre

As the drivers at this company often travelled longer routes, there were several instances where they needed technical support. With Matrack, the drivers can get immediate help and answers to their queries as our support team is functional throughout the day, all-round the year. This helped them minimise the time spent in resolving any issue and get back to their assigned duty.

Cinque Terre
Our ELD solution has helped the company in restructuring their business process. With timely alerts of maintenance checks, probable driving violation, use of fuel, filing of taxes and reports, better route assignments, and more, the company had immensely benefitted from their ongoing relationship with Matrack Incorporation. They have been able to achieve greater results with all the resources they already had with their investment in Matrack’s solutions.
Cinque Terre
Our ELD solution has helped the company in restructuring their business process. With timely alerts of maintenance checks, probable driving violation, use of fuel, filing of taxes and reports, better route assignments, and more, the company had immensely benefitted from their ongoing relationship with Matrack Incorporation. They have been able to achieve greater results with all the resources they already had with their investment in Matrack’s solutions.

Golden State Express Trucking Achieves 100% Compliance with Matrack ELD

“Matrack has pretty competitive pricing. Some companies want an upfront cost of $300 just for the device, which is crazy! Matrack is very reasonable.”

JT- Fleet Manager, Golder State Express

Golden State Express, a mediumsized trucking company, based in Fresno, CA; “The Golden State.” JT’s truckers cross nearly 3000 miles from coast to coast, three times a week, transporting produce. With so many miles to go, JT needs to be confident that he’s ELD compliant and that his drivers have reliable GPS systems they can count on; And that’s what brought him to Matrack.

ELD Compliance

By now, everyone in the trucking industry knows that ELD compliance is a must. The deadline is December 16, 2019, for all drivers using AOBRDs to convert to ELDs; and it is approaching fast. It has even been referred to as, “The ELD implementation race.” Being an experienced fleet manager, JT knew that he had to find a GPS tracking device that would ensure 100% ELD compliance for his company. “I’ve been in the trucking business for over 15 years. The biggest issue is tracking the drivers. Matrack is one of the few companies that offer ELD compliant devices. I looked at those other companies, but we ended up going with Matrack!

Reliable GPS Devices

GPS accuracy is a must to ensure that you easily reach your destination on time, especially when driving cross country. It even has the potential to improve the overall operation of trucking companies. Accurate GPS technology helps trucking companies become more responsive and reliable in their transportation business; including faster and more efficient transportation processes and improved time management. “Honestly, (the benefits of GPS technology) are not for me since I don’t drive the trucks! It’s for my drivers. We transport produce all the way from the west coast to the east coast. Products like lettuce, romaine, strawberries and more. It’s usually a 2-day drive when two drivers are working. (If we have an issue), the support I need is re-programming the devices. When Matrack Tech Support Team does that, it solves the issue.

Accurate HOS Record

Truck drivers don’t spend all their time on the road. As anyone in the trucking business knows, drivers may have to wait many hours during the loading and unloading of their trucks. It’s estimated that most drivers spend at least 3 to 5 hours at the shipping dock. Golden State Express’ drivers often have long waits like this. This made it difficult for JT to get an accurate record of the actual HOS of his drivers, many times cutting their allowed drive time short. JT experienced that after switching over to Matracks AOBRD system, he was able to get a more accurate record of HOS for his drivers, thereby helping JT to be more efficient and profitable in his business. “The biggest issue is tracking drivers, tracking their miles for the quarterly fuel tax. The reason we chose Matrack is that the AOBRD system allows us to monitor our drivers better and more accurately. If a driver has to spend a whole day just picking up a load in a city, it will eat up most of his hours so Matrack’s AOBRD system helps prevent this. It allows us to give lee-way and adjust it to where we can actually monitor the hours accurately

Outstanding Pricing

Many trucking companies earn just enough to make ends meet. With the deadline to convert from AOBRDs to ELDs just around the corner, those in the business who have not yet invested in ELD compliant devices worry that prices will be unreasonably high, forcing them to fork over large amounts of cash just to make it through the transition. JT also expressed his concerned about what the ELD mandate would mean economically for his company and the solution that he found with Matrack. “(The ELD mandate), it’s just another cost for me at the end of the day. I looked at other companies (that offer ELD device) and Matrack has pretty competitive pricing. Some companies want an upfront cost of $300 just for the device, which is crazy! Matrack is very reasonable

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