Bike Safety With Telematics
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Bike Safety With Telematics

Bike Safety With Telematics

The technology of telematics has proved to be a major problem solver when talking about the four wheeler sector, and is now set to spread its roots into the two wheeler sector as well. In today’s day and age the automobile industry has taken a steep steer towards digitalization loading their vehicles with advanced features that amp riding convenience in every aspect. Telematics being one of these advanced features serves as a solution to a myriad of issues faced earlier by drivers or vehicle owners. Before we take a deeper dig at the importance and benefits of telematics for bikes, let us first understand the concept of telematics.

What is Telematics?

The term “telematics” is a derivation from telecommunication and informatics sciences put together. The merger of these two sciences backdates to the 60’s when the U.S. Department of Defence developed the GPS tracking system in order to improve communication on the battlefield. Later on telematics was used to refer to automation in vehicles. Telematics comprises of GPS navigation, wireless communication, automatic driving assistance systems, wireless calling, etc.

If you could picture a smart computer that pans out reports detailing every aspect of your vehicle from speed and idling, to fuel use, low tire pressure, and more, you would be visualizing the technology of telematics. This is done through GPS tracking (a more familiar term) and so is also known as a GPS Fleet Tracking system. Ever heard of the black box that never gets destroyed even after a plane crash? That’s exactly how your telematics device is designed, with a modem and a SIM card. This device plugs into the OBD II or CAN-BUS port. The device has an in-built accelerometer along with sensors that detect speed, trip distance/time, idling, hard braking, rash driving, seat belt, fuel consumption, vehicle faults, battery voltage, and other engine data.

Let us now take a look at the importance of telematics for bikes.

Importance of Telematics for Bikes

Telematics or GPS tracking has marked its importance and convenience for fleet tracking on both, owner and driver end. Especially when it comes to the trucking industry and cab service sector, monitoring the vehicle and driver movements including hours of service became much simpler. Tracking a bike will now be easy with the installation of a GPS device and can be accessed by a mere phone app from anywhere.

What is telematics for bikes? What are its benefits? And who all can seek benefits from the technology of telematics?

  • Telematics is a tracking device that can now be used in bikes offering a helping hand to the delivery service sector and bike rental sector majorly.
  • Telematics technology can help by bettering traffic management through the optimization of the traffic flow on the basis of current transport infrastructure.
  • The device helps with keeping a tab on factors such as fleet tracking, driver behaviour, fuel consumption and efficiency, vehicle maintenance, and a lot more.
  • With traffic indication, driving, and predictive maintenance, this device enhances on road safety on the road.
  • In case of a stolen vehicle telematics serves as the best solution. The device processes a stolen vehicle tracking feature along with remote door locking and unlocking. This helps your bike by providing with higher security.
  • The device provides maps which help with navigation and traffic indication thus allowing a rider to pick his route wisely.
  • Telematics provides with customized solutions for vehicle owners as well as riders.
  • Telematics for bikes can be beneficial for anyone with a fleet of bikes be it bicycles or motorbikes. For example; food delivery companies, bike sharing companies, courier service companies, police and emergency organizations, etc.
  • In the case of a commercial motorbike fleet, gps telematics helps with increasing productivity thus keeps profits at their best.
  • The bike fleet owner can gain access to every movement of the bike and receive comprehensive reports on trips made by the bike during hours of service. This improves trip efficiency and driver output proving to be extremely beneficial for commercial purpose.
  • Access to monitoring trips can help with assigning jobs and trips to riders most effectively.
  • Traffic indication can help with avoiding delivery delays thus making the most of service time and paid hours.
  • Telematics gives you an in depth understanding of your fleet’s movements and costs with a host of automated reports. This only makes fleet management easier and more efficient while optimizing profits.
  • Bike sharing and renting is a new trend sprouting in today’s day and age. Telematics helps with tracking rented bikes as well. Reports suggest bike sharing schemes worldwide are predicted to grow from 24.4 million in 2017 to 36.9 million in 2023.
  • In the case of bike renting, telematics helps renters pick and drop off a bike anywhere within a designated area.
  • Access to any bike in your fleet can be gained easily through a mobile application.
  • Various devices possess various features. Some include features such as weather alerts, driver cameras, salt and sand spreader tracker, hours of service recorder, etc.
  • Maintain a record of a vehicle or your fleet is made easy through telematics.
  • Apart from commercial use, parents can use the technology of telematics to monitor safety of their kids while they are on the go. This can be done through a mobile application as well. Parents can also learn about the route, traffic conditions, and weather conditions through the application.

Telematics, also known as GPS tracking therefore proves to be extremely beneficial for both personal and on a commercial scale as it helps owners and riders equally. This advancement in technology sure brings about more virtues than vices making travelling all the more convenient. While managing your fleet constant communication with nearby vehicles is easily achievable through the goodness telematics.

All in all the telematics technology is time and money saving. It in fact helps smoothen out the function of a fleet thus making the fleet more efficient and hassle free. For any assistance or additional information on telematics and GPS tracker installation, you could visit us at Matrackinc

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