The Benefits Of Geofences In GPS Tracking
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The Benefits Of Geofences In GPS Tracking
Hari GSMarch 1, 2019IFTA & FMS

The Benefits Of Geofences In GPS Tracking

One of the main reasons for fleet owners to have GPS tracking is Geofencing. To put it simply, Geo-fence tracking is a feature in a software program that uses GPS to define geographical boundaries. It’s like an invisible wall that allows fleet managers to mark off designated areas on a map. The Geofence feature also helps businesses to track and monitor their employees’ adherence to safety and route boundaries. This technology can be used in more than one way and will result in increased company profits. 

Here is the top of the benefits of Geofencing:

Reduce Fuel Cost

Using Geo-fencing data will allow fleet owners to determine how a fleet is performing. Fleet managers can set alerts and will receive real-time notifications if an employee goes out of their route and inappropriately uses the vehicle. Take action if required and save money on fuel.

Productivity and Efficiency

Geo-fencing empowers fleet managers to determine if workers are on the right track and are using the most optimal routes. Fleet managers can also check who is the nearest person to call for help in case of emergencies, saving them time from having to call each worker and ask their location. Also, performance improvement is observed once employees know they are being monitored.

Safety and Protection

We can’t stress enough the importance of asset management. Geo-fencing reduces the risk of company vehicles being used outside of work that would result in higher fuel costs and maintenance. Geo-fencing helps prevents fuel and equipment theft by monitoring vehicle movements, allowing fleet owners to take action before it happens.

Using a Matrack’s GPS system will allow fleet owners to take control of their fleet, set alerts and get notifications, thereby saving them more money in the process.

Check out Matrack and get to know why our customers love our Geo-fence feature.


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