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GPS Asset Tracking Made Easy

Matrack Asset tracker uses GPS tracking to provide asset management solution to efficiently manage your fleet and to monitor driver activities to prevent any vehicle misuse.



Important Features
Fast 4G LTE Device Installed by Mechanic
Real Time Location Updates Weatherproof and Waterproof
iOS and Android Apps Historical Reports Upto One Year
Email And SMS Alerts Road Side Assistance
Geo Fence No Need to Recharge
Multi User Access

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The Most Reliable Asset Tracker


Our Geofencing function allows you to build an invisible perimeter around a designated asset. If this perimeter is crossed, the owner of the asset will be alerted immediately and Aggressive Tracking Mode will automatically be triggered.


Its low power consumption gives the asset tracker a stellar battery life of up to 3 years. The device will also automatically monitor its battery power and gives one less thing to worry about.


Aggressive tracking mode is the primary theft prevention / recovery function of our asset tracking system. In the case of stolen or missing assets, this function can be activated at any time to increase the GPS tracking updates from 2-4 updates per day to 4 updates per hour.


Longevity aside, this device is extraordinarily durable and weatherproof. Whether it be traveling through torrential downpours, blizzards, sweltering heat waves, etc. you can rest assured that your assets will always remain secured.

Why we need to use an asset tracker?


Matrack’s hardware is TOUGH, built to withstand the harsh conditions or construction and mining sites. Our hardwire and wiring is protected with a special housing to assure their durability.


Matrack’s hardware is built with special power systems. Some made to last 3 years without charge. Some built with backup power supplies. Others built with solar energy technology, completely eliminating battery maintenance.


Matrack’s hardware is designed to be user friendly! Simplicity is the key. With some devices requiring zero maintenance and even our most technical devices requiring minimal maintenance once installed.


Above all, Matrack’s hardware is functional. Our tracking devices WORK, consistently and efficiently. You will always feel your equipment is in good hands when using Matrack’s Asset Tracking System.

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