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When someone mentions 3D movies, we think of walking into a theater and sliding on our perhaps, “not so stylish and not so comfortable” 3D glasses.  But what if 3D movies could be viewed from any seat of a movie theater, without the inconvenience of the awkward 3D glasses?  Well, the possibility is just around the corner.

The technology is actually already available for certain video games like Nintendo’s 3Ds. But it requires the viewer to be sitting in one single position, which obviously isn’t possible in a movie theater, where the audience is dispersed over a large seating area. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working around this problem by using a multi-parallax barrier, in which each viewer receives a different image tailored according to his or her exact angle or distance from the screen.

While this technology is still in the early phases, it may not be long before we can watch a 3D movie glasses-free so hold on to your seats and be ready to enjoy the thrill of the future!

Check it out and watch this video on YouTube

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